healthy indulgent life
with Dr. Michelle Marks

Kale, salads, smoothies, tofu, wild salmon, walnuts, berries, chia seeds and ....... beer and pizza!

The healthy indulgent life is committing to total health and well-being without sacrificing the joy of gastronomical indulgence, whether it's fine dining on a special occasion, beer and wings at the neighborhood pub, a wine tasting with friends, macaroni and cheese with the kids, or a scoop of Cherry Garcia on a hot summer day.

If you want your kale and your cupcake, a little wheatgrass and a little wine,
I invite you to join me on this adventure in balance, satisfaction and fulfillment!

There are 3 elements to the healthy indulgent life

Balancing health and indulgence requires a strategy. I'll share a simple and practical set of ideas that will help you experience the deep satisfaction and well-being this lifestyle offers. Feel free to adopt my ideas or to adapt them to create your own strategy for healthy indulgence.

Too often, people know what they're "supposed" to do, but they just don't do it. That's because they don't know how to use psychology to their advantage. I'll guide you to tap into your innate wisdom and willpower, to speak to yourself in success language, and to effectively pursue your lifestyle goals.

The foundation of the healthy indulgent lifestyle is a commitment to seeking total life wellness and fulfillment. Joyful and healthful eating and drinking are just part of a lifestyle where you nurture your health and well-being in a sustainable manner, fully participate in life and enjoy the many pleasures of life, and achieve your most meaningful goals. You can strengthen your capacity for wellness and fulfillment with my 6-week online psychological fitness training program. Learn more here.

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