healthy indulgent life
with Dr. Michelle Marks

My approach to healthy indulgence combines my love for food with all that I've learned working as a psychologist and coach specializing in health and wellness. I hope that exploring the tools, strategies, and resources I offer on this site will help you experience life more fully and with great satisfaction.

About Dr. Michelle Marks

Welcome to my healthy, indulgent life. I'm Dr. Michelle Marks. I've been a wellness professional for the last 25 years, and I'm completely committed to experiencing and enjoying all the benefits of healthy living - energy, vitality, a healthy healthy relationship with my body and with food, and minimal time spent visiting doctors. I'm also a "foodie" (though I hate the term). Exploring new ingredients, new restaurants, cooking. baking, and of course eating and drinking are among my greatest pleasures. And while I've truly developed a palate for greens of all sorts, braised, steamed, stir-fried, raw, blended and juiced, I will admit that I've never reached the point in my wellness journey where I could ever have a bad thing to say about a french fry.

For years I felt a little hypocritical as a wellness coach by day and an occasional home-brewer/bread baker by evening, but at some point I realized that it's not a sin to embrace wellness and wings; a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be rigid and doesn't have to exclude the joy of eating in a world where culinary indulgences are abundant.

I've compiled so much information over these years and decided it was about time that I put it all together in one place so that I might share it with other people interested in leading and healthy and fulfilled lifestyles. The result is this website. I hope you enjoy it and what you discover here enhances your whole life.  


And here's the professional bio:

Dr. Marks earned her Ph.D. in Clinical and School Psychology at Hofstra University in 1992. She completed a clinical internship in Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy at the Albert Ellis Institute under Dr. Ellis, studied Mind/Body Medicine at Harvard Medical School with Herbert Benson, and has trained in clinical hypnotherapy, biofeedback, energy psychology and life coaching. She has been on the faculties of Hofstra University and Mount Sinai School of Medicine; and has received national recognition from the Social Security Administration for outstanding leadership and innovation in the areas of medical training, consultation, and mentoring for the New York State Division of Disability Determinations.  Dr. Marks is also a Vanguard I graduate of former American Psychological Association president Martin EP Seligman's Authentic Happiness Coaching program. She has been a wellness columnist, consulted with spas, appeared as a lifestyle expert on local news stations and is the author of A Smorgasbord of Weight Control TipsSeveral years ago, Dr Marks enjoyed an extended sabbatical from formal psychology practice to study tea, which intrigued her because of its time-honored benefits as the perfect healthy indulgence. She attended certification training through the Specialty Tea Institute, started a tea company, blended wellness teas for retail and wholesale, and opened a gourmet teahouse. 


Dr. Marks is an enthusiastic home-cook and has attended cooking and baking classes at the Institute of Culinary Education, the Culinary Institute of America, the New England Culinary Institute and Schenectady County Community College.